Proceedings of the WPNC/UET’05

The call for participation of the WPNC/UET'05 can be downloaded here.

The workshop proceedings are published in Shaker Verlag (220 pages, ISBN 3-8322-3746-1).

Morning Session
Poster Session
Afternoon Session

Morning Session

Time Morning Session
8:00-9:00 Registration
Morning Session
Chair: Prof. Dr. techn. Boll
9:00:9:10 Welcome Speech

Prof. Dr. techn. Boll

9:10-9:30 Keynote Address

Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Kraemer

9:30-10:00 Low cost resolution enhancement in hyperbolic localization

H. Linde, E. Naroska, G. Stromberg
University of Dortmund, Germany; Infineon Technologies, Munich, Germany

10:00-10:30 Time of arrival estimation for WLAN indoor positioning systems using matrix pencil super resolution algorithm

A. Aassie Ali, A. S. Omar
Chair of Microwave and Communication, Engineering, University of Magdeburg, Germany

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:15 Numerical Integration Methods in Local Positioning

N. Sirola, R. Piché, H. Pesonen
Tampere University of Technology, Finland

11:15-11:45 A signature based localization technique relying on covariance matrices of channel impulse responses

M. Meurer, S. Heilmann, D. Reddy, T. Weber, P.W. Baier
Research Group for RF Communications, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

11:45-12:15 Position Estimation in Ad hoc Wireless Sensor Networks with Low Complexity

J. Blumenthal, F. Reichenbach, D. Timmermann
Institute of Applied Microelectronics and Computer Science, University of Rostock, Germany

12:15-14:00 Light Lunch

Poster Session

Time Poster Session
Chair: H. Scheibner
13:00-14:00 Suitability of Positioning Techniques for Location-based Services in wireless LANs

U. Rerrer, O. Kao

Low Cost Positioning and Efficient Fallback in GSM and UTRAN Networks

M. Kuipers, P. Gr±dalski , M. Pakulski

Definition and Implementation of Context Information

M. Debes, A. Lewandowska, J. Seitz

Performance Study of Positioning Structures for Underwater Sensor Networks

J. E. Garcia, K. Zimmermann, K. Jobmann

Sensor Application for Museum Guidance

R. Dimitrova

Error Analysis of Single Frequency GPS Measurements and Impact on Timing and Positioning Accuracy

B. Belabbas, A. Hornbostel, M. Z. Sadeque

Analysis and Reduction of Systematic Errors in Wireless LAN Positioning

A. Teuber, G. W. Hein

Rice Factor Estimation for GNSS Reception Sensitivity Improvement in Multipath Fading Environments

A. Schmid, C. Günther, A. Neubauer

Ubiquitous Positioning Technologies for Intelligent Navigation Systems

G. Retscher, A. Kealy

Spread Spectrum Ultrasonic Positioning System

O. A. M. Aly, A. S. Omar

Communication Options for Network RTK SAPOS Realization

V. Wegener, L. Wanninger

The land mobile satellite navigation multipath channel-A statistical analysis

A. Lehner, A. Steingass

Using the Internet for streaming differential GNSS data to mobile devices

H. Gebhard, G. Weber

GRIPS Generic Radio based Indoor Positioning System

T. Magedanz, F. Schreiner, H. Ziemek

A Hierarchical Architecture for Indoor Positioning Services

L.-D. Chou, C.-Y. Chang

Afternoon Session

Time Afternoon Session
Track A

Service and Navigation
Chair: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kyamakya

Track B

Ultra-Wideband Expert Talk
Chair: Dr.-Ing. B. Geck

14:00-14:30 Model Supported Localization in Cellular Radio Systems

W. Wilhelmi
IBSe GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Design of Compact Logarithmically Periodic Antenna Structures for Polarization-Invariant UWB Communication

O. Klemp, H. Eul
HFT, University of Hannover, Germany

14:30-15:00 Context based Navigation by a Dynamic Tour Guide

R. Kramer, M. Modsching, K. ten Hagen
University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz, Germany

Joint communication, ranging, and positioning in low data-rate UWB networks

L. De Nardis, M. G. Di Benedetto
University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

15:00-15:20 Coffee Break
15:20-15:50 Efficient Proximity Detection for Location Based Services

G. Treu, A. Küpper
Institute for Informatics, University of Munich, Germany

Sensitivity of Aggregate UWB Interference Models

W. Sörgel, M. Baldauf, M. Younis, W. Wiesbeck
IHE, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

15:50-16:20 Realizing Peer-to-Peer Location-Based Services in Mobile Networks

M. Zündt, G. Deo, M. Naumann, M. Ludwig
Institute of Communication Networks, Munich University of Technology, Germany; ICM, Siemens AG, Munich, Germany

Location accuracy of an UWB localization system based on a CMOS-based chip set

M. Tüchler, V. Schwarz, A. Huber
Center for Microelectronics Aargau, University of Applied Sciences of North-west Switzerland

16:20:16:30 Closing